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Rob Barbier-President

January 23, 2015

To All Members of the GFT:

Over the last several weeks I received many inquiries from both members and building reps concerning the current Negotiations.  In an effort to answer many of the questions being asked, I will attempt to address the questions that appear to be asked most frequently.

1.    The current negotiations are proceeding at an acceptable pace and started on schedule last year.  Please keep in mind we can only meet with the Administration when all members of their team are available.  In order to facilitate meeting more frequently, we have begun holding evening meetings.  The last meeting we had with the Administration was January 15 and our next meeting is scheduled for the 29th.  It is not uncommon for negotiations to stretch into the year the contract expires.

  2.    All specific matters discussed during the course of negotiations are confidential.  They cannot be discussed.  I have received many specific questions that cannot be answered at this time.  Topics such as adding steps to the guide, percents on the guide, changes in language, changes to start times/end times, retro pay, lengthening the school day, lengthening the school year, benefits, changes to longevity, terminal leave pay and any other specific contractual question cannot be discussed until the negotiations are completed and a new contract is presented for your approval.

 3.    The GFT is not responsible for your individual Health Insurance contributions.  They are currently non-negotiable.  The percentage of the Health Care premium you pay is controlled by a State formula with a sliding scale depending on your individual salary.  The reason why your Health Care contribution increased in the last check is because Health Care companies operate on a calendar year and price increases took effect on January 1st. 

4.    The overall tone of the negotiations has been one of mutual cooperation in an effort to settle as soon as possible.  There have been some bumps in the road, but we have worked hard to resolve them in order to keep moving forward.  As I indicated in the past, the language portion of the contract has been completed, except where language is directly tied to money.

  I hope I have answered all of the questions you have.  Unfortunately I am unable to share specific information at this time.


In Solidarity,

Robert Barbier  









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